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***Scholarship applications are being accepted online through the Chandler Education Foundation scholarship portal. Please read the directions listed below before logging in. All applications must be submitted online.***

A list of available scholarships is available by selecting the student's school at the bottom of this page. A downloadable step-by-step guide is also below, followed by a list of instructions.  Questions or concerns? Feel free to email Chandler Education Foundation

Applying for Scholarships through the Foundation

Select this form to download a full copy, or scroll down to see a list of instructions on this webpage.

Please use this Release of Information Form for CEF Scholarships

Once downloaded, your form may be emailed to Chandler Education Foundation. Please include your name and student ID number. Students who are not yet 18 years of age must also include a parent/guardian's signature.

Prepare to Apply

Welcome to the Chandler Education Foundation Scholarship Page. We are excited to introduce you to our new process in this step-by-step guide.  Are you also part of the IMPACT Chandler Scholars program? The link to apply for the IMPACT scholarship is also found on our scholarship platform. 

Step 1:

Have your parent/guardian complete the FAFSA form online.

Why? While this form is NOT required, your application will not be considered by donors who ask for financial need information. The FAFSA keeps your information confidential and provides a consistent way for the Foundation to measure financial need.

According to a 2014 study by the National Center for Education Statistics, "85% of students receive some form of financial aid to help with the mounting costs of college." Many colleges require FAFSA completion. Why miss out on an 85% chance you'll benefit?! Even if you don't qualify for student aid, you may qualify for school grants!

Need Help? The College & Career Specialist at your school has information about completing the FAFSA. Additional resources are found online at for assistance.

Step 2: Once completed, a Student Aid Report or SAR will be generated. Print this form for your records and redact the OMB and DRN Numbers. The EFC number must be visible when scanned (see FAFSA example).

Step 3: Scan and save pages 1 & 2 of the SAR (once redacted) for upload to the application when requested.

Step 4: Download the Release of Information found on this page. Student and parent must sign and upload to the scholarship application when requested.

Step 5: Download a copy of your CUSD high school transcript found on Infinite Campus under the DOCUMENTS tab, located on the lower left when viewing on a computer. Scroll to the bottom to find UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT that includes IN PROGRESS CLASSES. The document can be saved and uploaded to the scholarship platform when requested.

Step 6: Take time before beginning the application to gather information about any activities you did during high school to include community volunteer work, clubs and activities you participated in on campus, awards you earned for academics, sports or extra-curricular activities.  Gather the names of one or two people including a high school teacher/coach who might be able to provide a reference for you (we've made them short and sweet - no more letters to write). Some donors ask for an elementary school teacher as well.

It's time to log in!

Step 7: Now that you've done the busy work, the rest will be a breeze. Log on and register as a user on our Foundant Scholarship Platform.   We recommend using Google Chrome. Link not working? Copy the following into your browser:

Step 8: Complete the Common Application Questionnaire. This is a list of approximately 30-40 questions designed to steer you right towards the scholarships that you are most suited for. Once submitted, you can't go back and edit so spend what time you need to to share all about yourself.  You may save and return, then click edit to update each section before hitting submit.

Step 9: Hit submit and review the scholarships listed. Some will show "Application Submitted," those have now been submitted. There's nothing more to do. 

Step 10: Review the scholarship opportunities listed as "Application Draft." Select each scholarship name to see supplemental questions and essay prompts. Again, you may work on each and save until ready to submit each application independently. 

Step 11: This portal will allow you to see the status of your application. A panel of volunteers will assist donors as they read and score scholarship applications. Expect to receive a status update by mid March, 2023. 




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