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Enrichment Grant Awardees

You've been awarded an enrichment grant and need to know your next steps.  This is the right place!  Here are some helpful hints and documents to get you on your way.  Thank you for your commitment to excellence in education!  

Before You Start

  • Before you purchase technology, be sure to check the CUSD website under the Get Help Section. Technology is great, but only if it works with CUSD firewalls and systems!
  • Using CUSD Transportation? Have them send the invoice to CEF with your name and school information.  We will issue the check to you for payment.

  • Contracting with a speaker, artist or for a field trip?  Please send us a copy of the contract to CEF and we will issue YOU a check payable to the speaker, artist or field trip site.

  • Payment will always be sent to you at your site, regardless of who the check is made payable to. You are responsible to submit the funds to the vendor. Making sure you're in control makes this easier for everyone.

  • Please allow at least two weeks for processing/reimbursement.

Let’s Get You Funded!

Purchase on your own and be reimbursed by the Foundation. If purchasing is a problem, please contact your site administrator for options specific to your site.  

Per District policy, P-Cards cannot be used.  Split-funding on purchase orders is not permitted.  The Enrichment grant must cover the entire amount of the item being purchased.  For auditing purposes, we must receive documentation for and cut checks to cover the cost of items covered under the awarded grant.  When there are additional expenses for your project that need to be covered, please contact your administrator to facilitate those purchases.  Please do not include them in documentation submitted to CEF. 

Example: You receive a $500 grant to purchase 25 kits for your classroom and 5 more kits than what the grant will cover are still needed for your classroom.  You must purchase 25 kits and submit the receipt to CEF.  The remaining 5 kits must be purchased separately through whatever means you and your site administrator determine is appropriate.  Again, at the request of CUSD accounting, please do not combine the purchases.   

Please call the Foundation office at (480) 224-3030 or email with any questions or concerns.  


Important Information

Our ability to fund grants relies on the generosity of our community. Donors choose #CashForClassrooms knowing teachers and staff dip into their own pockets to make a difference in the lives of their students. Donors are eager to hear stories about how their money made a difference. 

Please share about our partnership and use the logos in the attachment below to help people connect their contribution to #CashForClassrooms to your amazing project. We would love to be copied on your outreach!  Thank you for your time and effort – it makes a difference and is why people choose Chandler Unified School District.

Share what you do, because YOU are a huge part of what makes CUSD great. Now that's something to talk about!

A Picture is Worth...

We all know pictures not only tell a story, but they drive our curiosity and make people want to know more.  Please share pictures of your grants in action and we may use them for newsletter updates, social media or our annual report.

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